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Racing and Leasure Sails for all designed and constructed in Germany

At Kangaroo Sails, we make top-quality sails for high-performance catamarans, with a focus on the German Formula 18 Class. We’re proud to say that our sails have helped sailors win regattas, time and time again. With 30 years of experience in the sailmaking business, we know what it takes to make a great sail. We’re not just about creating products, we’re about helping sailors reach their full potential on the water. So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, trust Kangaroo Sails to give you the equipment you need to succeed.

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The Process of Sail Design

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  • Design Process

    Each Kangaroo Sail goes through an iterative design process. First a concept is evaluated and modeled in 3D on the computer after a deep analyses of the shape, outline, battens, etc. it goes into production

  • Production

    The design is transferred from the designers to the sailmakers, where the panels are plotted and sewn together. After a fianl quality check, the sail is ready to be delivered to the sailors.

  • Testing

    The sails are tested on the water and the feedback is shared with the designers. Understanding the behavior of a sail requires a combination of sailing expertise and design experience. Effective communication between both teams is essential for continuous progress in creating fast sails.

Racing with an advantage

Our goal is to be the best sail provider we can be, and we’ve implemented our designs in various sailing classes. Join us in this journey and experience first-hand the impact that high-performance and well-developed sails can make on your speed

F18 Sails
Development Status 90%
F16 Sails
Development Status 75%
Development Status 60%

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