Formula 18 Sails

The Catamaran class we and most cat sailors are most passionate about

Sven has been sailing in the Formula 18 class since its inception. The class stands out for its combination of tactical racing and the thrill of speed. Formula 18 sailing requires not just racing skills but also the ability to choose the right equipment for your sailing style. Kangaroo Sails has a long-standing philosophy of making sails that are user-friendly. We believe that a sailor should be able to concentrate on the racecourse, competitors, and wind conditions, without being bogged down by sails that are difficult to handle. Our sails are designed to make a sailor’s life easier.

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EASY cut


The EASY line of sails offers robust and enjoyable sailing experiences in a simple and straightforward manner. It is a popular choice among sailing schools for recreational catamarans and families with young children.



The BEACH line is renowned for its stability and durability, making it the ideal choice for recreational sailors, sailing schools, and beginner racers. This sail has been specifically designed to meet the needs of this segment and offers a reliable and dependable sailing experience.



The HIGH-TECH line is ideal for competitive sailors who demand speed and performance. Developed in collaboration with regatta sailors and our sail design team, this line offers top-level performance for experienced racers. With these sails, you can take your racing to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.

The Tech



  • durability


  • recommendation for Racing
  • light
  • stiff

Dacron – || –

Pentex – || –


  • A durable material that is forgiving in handling
  • can be stored in a snuffer bag


  • our recommendation for racing
  • light and strong material with a long-lasting shape
  • requires drying and folding after use.
  • white
  • smoke
  • more colors on request
  • white
  • smoke
  • more colors on request

Nylon: Offered in white, red, blue, pink, green, purple, black and additional colors can be requested

Polyester: Available in red, white, and blue


DS 3.0 crew weight from <= 160kg

DS 3.0DM crew weight: > 165

we found that a single sail shape for a variety of sailors is too much of a compromise on performance so with 3.0 there are two shapes with different depth



  • For traditional non-Decksweeper sails
  • shorter foot
  • more twist


  • For Decksweeper Mainsail
  • Long foot to optimize airflow around the DS
  • reduced twist for more height


  • non Decksweeper traditional F18 Mainsail
  • easy to cross over


  • our Recommendation for Racing
  • reduces turbulent air around the foot of the sail
  • narrower Top to bring the center of effort further down
  • very long DS – only the helmsman can cross behind
  • our Decksweeper is the only sail that always touches the Deck (in simulations this has proven vital in order to keep the pressure difference as long as possible)


Nacra F18 Evolution version

Panel Layout*
  • Easy
  • Beach
  • Hightech
  • Easy
  • Beach
  • Hightech
  • Beach
  • Hightech


  • lightweight
  • less shape control

High Tech:

  • Fiberfoam Carbon batten
  • better shape control
  • stiffer
  • heavier

We prefer the High Tech version, which provides better shape control with its Fiberfoam Carbon battens. However, this option is stiffer and heavier. The clean exit of the jib to the mainsail is favored, but there is an increase in weight.


  • 4-9kn Wind
  • Batten  2, 3, 4
  • Batten: 5, 6, 7 always FF-Medium


  • 10-16 kn
  • Batten 2,3,4


  • 17- 25+ kn
  • Batten 2,3,4

*FF -> Fiberfoam

F18 Sails
Development Status 90%

Regattas Won in 2022

Our F18 sails have a proud history of delivering podium finishes and victories. In 2023, over 30% of the German fleet chose to race with our sails and we’re continuously seeing growth in this number. At Kangaroo Sails, we are grateful for the strong community that has formed around us and we look forward to adding more successes to our record in the coming year.

2022 in Germany

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