High Performance Sails to imporve your Racing

We give you the extra Horsepower to win races

Kangaroo Sails are designed to give sailors and advantage on the race course. For more than 25 Years 

Sven Lindstädt and his team have been developing Sails in the north of Germany. As enthusiastic Catamaran Sailors

we have specialised in producing the most powerful Catamaran Sails

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We are passionate sailmakers with a penchant for fast boats! Under the direction of sail developer and sailmaker master Sven Lindstädt, the Kangaroo Sails team develops innovative and high-performance sails near Hamburg.

We are regatta sailors specializing in catamaran and high performance classes

In the Formula 18 class, we are among the leading sail manufacturers and are constantly expanding our expertise to other boat classes. In 2022 almost all German domestic F18 regattas could be won with Kangaroo Sails. An achievement we are very proud of and confirms our design philosophy.

Sail Konfigurator


We provide One Design Sails Racing Sails and custom Sail Design for your Boat. 

Gennaker / Spinnaker

Downwind performance in High Performance boats is purely down to the Spinnaker. When Sven started working on his Design back 20 years ago his main objective was to have a sail which is very easy to handle. Usually, downwind sails require lots of focus on the trim to prevent the front leash from collapsing. In a matter of years, we found a sweet spot for Spinnaker designs, making our sails very easy to trim which allows sailors to focus on tactical racing. 


The heart of every sailboat, the driving force,… basically the engine is represented in the mainsail. Here is where upwind performance is generated. The most challenging design factor for mainsails is to accomplish a well-balanced compromise. The Sail has to work in a wind range from 5 to 25 knots. Evaluating the sweet spot is where experience comes into place. Maximum depth, twist, and outlines are defining factors. Only after the concept of the mainsail has been considered a Kangaroo Mainsail goes into development. 


The Jib in a Sailboat mainly directs the airflow around the leeward side of the mainsail. Therefore it is very dependent on the shape of the mainsail in order to function properly. In the developing process of a new Frontsail / Jib we first take a closer look at the mainsail. The angle of attack of the front leach, the point of max depth and the overall profile. After taking all those factor into account we manually design the Sail in our 3D CAD Programm. 

The Face behind Kangaroo Sails

Sven Lindstädt is the visionary behind Kangaroo Sails. He is a passionate sailor and sailmaker, who has dedicated his life to the development of high-performance sails. With a wealth of sailing experience, including a background in Optimist and Laser boats, Sven has a deep understanding of what makes a sail work. However, it was when he first set foot on a catamaran that he found his true calling. As he puts it, “The speed, responsiveness, and trapezing are like nothing else.” With a team of talented sailmakers, Sven creates innovative and fast sails near Hamburg, Germany. Whether it’s the latest racing boat or a family cruiser, Sven and his team are dedicated to helping sailors of all levels experience the thrill of sailing.