Dinghy Sails

Fast, high-quality, durable sails for all dinghies

Like probably every other sailor, we discovered sailing through dinghies. Easy handling on land and on the water are a must for every dinghy sail. Agility and sharp responsiveness in roll tacks, pumping, or high waves are the two special criteria that a dinghy sail must meet. In the design process, these factors are given particular consideration.


Development of a Kangaroo dinghy sail

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  • Experience

    Over many years in dinghy sailing and numerous sail developments, our team has accumulated extensive knowledge about dinghy sails. This knowledge is incorporated into every one of our dinghy sails!

  • Development

    Our sail cuts for dinghies vary according to the demands they must meet. However, all versions are derived from a handful of basic designs. This is the only way we can reliably produce custom-made sails that work right from the start.

  • Production

    The design is transferred from the designers to the sailmakers. In the first step, the sail panels are plotted and sewn together. Then reinforcements, batten pockets, eyelets, etc. are added. After a final quality control, the sail is ready to be delivered to the sailors.

Sven Lindstädt Kangaroo Sails since 1993