We manufacture covers for every boat - designed on the computer and precisely cut to size with the plotter

For covers, a good template is everything. We have been working with computer software for years that allows us to model and improve our hand templates to produce symmetrical, dimensionally stable, and high-quality covers


Mastcovers, Boomcovers, Ruddercovers etc.

Custom Designs

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  • Mesuring

    A good cover can only be created with a valid template. Our experienced sailmaker team measures your boat in a few steps and passes the resulting template on to the CAD design

  • Design

    In order to produce symmetrical, perfectly fitting and wrinkle-free covers, we model our template on the computer and have the panels cut out by a computer controlled plotter

  • Produktion

    The prepared pieces are lined up and carefully sewn together. The cover is hemmed, provided with eyelets and rubber bands.

Sven Lindstädt Kangaroo Sails since 1993